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  Originally Posted by bro maggimee    click here
  last week after visiting the doctor i notice how the nurses nowadays all wear very tight. while waiting for my turn keep fantasize if later got a  
  pretty nurse with my doc in the end the doc is female, the nurse is milf and got 2 female intern attend to me! bth! go home liao keep thinking of 
  the milf nurse, den rem cindy got this milf shuang shuang i wanted to try, sms liao but she not free, in the end man ning is free so fast hand fast 
  leg make a booking and went down to the hotel she stated.

  after sms her room number she reached my room quite fast cos she said she came down early for me, so sweeettt. once i open the door she tried to  
  kiss me already wahhhh, heaven even got a good look at her face... face wise she got sharp features. just like in the photos in cindy blog. but like 
  what other bros say, if you are boobs lover, u can skip her, but her good attitute makes up for it! 

  after showering for me ask me lie down and start her catbath. actually that day i quite tired from work, so i just let her serve me, i relax only, but 
  the more i relax, the more awake she makes my 2 ic become. after the bj and licking, she cap me and ride me like shes more hungry for sex than me! 
  at first she sit riding facing me den she turn around and ride me, the view is welly nice! i can see clearly with each thrust, my 2ic sliding in and out  
  of  her pussy lips, just like in those porn u watch! after awhile of riding i notice got abit of juice leaking out from her already make me steam and i 
  ask her to turn around and lie down, my turn to take charge! 

  since i know her mei mei already got reaction liao i purposely poke slowly at first, den she started moaning, make me poke faster and faster, her 
  moan changed sound, den i realise at first the moaning fake 1, altho the moaning sound she changed to sounded less pleasing, but when i know its 
  REAL moaning, makes me extra high, soon after i shoot already. 

  after finish still offered to massage me without me asking for it. very nice lady!
FR on Man Ning
​  Originally Posted by bro darkkrait    click here
  thanks cindy for man ning contact. this is my fr for my 2nd session with her. well, what can i say... she's really amazing! she is even hornier than the   
  first time we met and her gfe upped to another level. 

  looks: 6.5/10
  she's cute and has really good complexion. not the prettiest prc but decent enough.

  body: 7/10
  small and petite type. slim and has really smooth fair skin.

  boobs: 6/10
  the only downside here. really small boobs. but i am fine with it.

  hot water bbbj which is really shiok. she is super aggressive when she blow and can make u cim if u dont control well.

  catbath: 8/10
  lick me all over! and the best part is when she lick my balls! no rush at all.

  frenching: 7.8/10
  juz like frenching a gf. gentle and with tongue.

  fj: 8.5/10
  this is her best service. she never rush me to cum. fuck her in all sorts of positions till she got weak in her legs and she enjoyed it thruout the whole  session. 

  cim: 8/10 
  she really loves it when i cum in her mouth.

  gfe: 9.5/10
  super super super nice lady! cuddle with me before and after sex and we kissed and caressed each other all the way till time is up. beware of her kc  
  power! u will keep thinking about her after the session!

  thanks cindy for the good recommendation.

  Originally Posted by bro Addictedtosex click here 
  Just got eaten by Man Ning earlier. power sibei power. no need to scroll down. now i say i definately will RTF!

  AGE : never asked her, but at some angles quite chio!

  LOOKS: 6 /10
  (MILF lo. cant expect much. but as i said above she is quite chio when i look at her while she was licking my nipples )

  PAINTING: didnt try

  BBBJ: 9/10! she is damn expert at this. 

  CATBATH: 10/10 front and back left to right top to bottom

  MASSAGE: 6/10 ok la not expecting her to massage well any way. like a bouns

  ATTITUDE: 9/10 very good attitude. nice to talk to. GFE feeling

  FJ : 7.5/10 we didnt do many positions but she likes to ride.

  DAMAGE: i gave her standard + alittle extra

  Nice MILF which is by far the best i have come across. good service, good convo starter. and wants you to CIM. so far none of cindy girls have   
  failed   me before. always good service and cheerful. when comes to PRCs i always come look for cindy. thanks bro!

  Originally Posted by bro tizz    click here
  Geez, this week is MILF week for me. I banged two MILFs (Ling Ling & this one, Man Ning) back to back. What is up with me this week having a 
  bad crave for MILFs!!!! hahahha... 

  Anyways, no regrets.. I had equally good fuck from both of them. Managed to hook up with her for a midnight session. SOP on arrangements
   and waited at her preferred hotel. 

  When she arrived, I was not impressed, but not the type that you would reject either. Upon closer inspection, I noticed she has this silky, smooth 
  skin and her looks slowly grows one me. Plus! Her friendly, nice attitude made me comfy. 
  We chatted a little first. Got comfy with each other and headed for the shower. She cleaned well and cleaned me well as well. When I got in 
  contact with her skin in shower.. nabeh.. my didi got a hard on hahahhaa. So, I had a good feeling on what is coming. 

  After shower, headed for bed. She really took her time. Got her hot water and asked me to turn around. That's where the FIRE catbath started.
   I felt water splashed on my back! Siao! Then you felt her fiery kissing and tongue coming slowly and then fast & furious on ya. Walao... Sensational 
  neh! Needless to stress.. anyone who tried it before should know ya. 

  Then the front, same thing.. walao... FIRE nipples suck then all the way down to FIRE bbbj, ala FIRE dick suckin', FIRE ball suckin', FIRE thigh 
  licking all over. Explosive, man! LOL!~ Made me FIRED up!!! 

  After all the "FIREworks", she capped me for a cowboy. Front cow and reverse cow. Reverse cow was hot. Watching her back, rocking and my didi 
  in her "meimei" was.. awwwww... HOT! HOT! HOT! LOVED it! It was pretty high when she lay downwards towards me when I grabbed her boobs 
  from behind while she kept rocking me. Damn, that was sooooo hot and we were rockin' it for a while. She was so fucking wet + she keeps moaning 
  like some fucking horny chick and she kept going , "hao, shu fu ah!!!" (very nice feeling!) + moaning like crazy! awwww...

  By then, I wanted to tank her so much, I asked her to lie down. I opted for missionary. It was a pretty long missionary session, my dick jabbed her 
  like fucking non-stop. Side 2 side rubbing her 'meimei', totally feeling her while she moaned. Plus! jabbing her 'meimei' gently from all angles
   hahahha. Damn high sia cuz she was very wet + i can hear her "pussy farting" when she thrust forward when i was jamming her in and out of her 
  wet 'meimei". 

  She cannot tahan after a while and asked me to doggie her. So, I obliged. Full view of her back, i rammed my didi in. Walao.. siao! Damm nice   
  feeling.  cuz she was keeping her legs pretty close with her nice ass cheek facing me. After some doggie time.. while I still jamming her, she slowly   
  moved  her  legs downwards and lie straight with her legs closed. My didi still jamming from behind when she was slowly adjusting her position. Nice  
  coordination   work, if u ask me! hahahha... but then... Walao eh! This position is hot, man! She's virtually lying down slowly, legs closed tighter  
  together, clipping my  didi. She's fucking wet, man! I can feel her thighs on my didi while i entered her 'meimei' And nabeh... sibeh sibeh wet. We  
  were panting like crazy  and both goes 'hao shu fu ar!" hahahhaha.... I am like lying B2B with her back facing me, while ramming my didi from the
   back  in her wet pussy. I can  see her moaning, horny face enjoying every freaking bit of it! Now, that was HOT! 

  We moved on back to missionary, and again.. the same wet 'meimei' calling me. hahahaha. But then here is the spoiler, her fucking phone kept  
  interrupting me... i understand la. She needed to make contact and she did not use silent mode. But too many times, man! SO many horny bros  
  needed  her... walao eh... hahahhahaha ... I was disrupted, of course. I did not manage to cum in my favourite, missionary position. I was sort of  
  annoyed and  told her her phone made me lost mood. Each time the phone goes off, she'd get distracted too. Probably paying more attention to the  
  phone than  fucking ... walao.. sianzzz!!! Anyway, I don't blame her or that la.. Just told her forget it... I lost it liao... 

  I was disappointed at first. BUT to my surprised, she was very understanding about it and asked me to take rest first. She chatted with me for 
  abit   and fast to make a come back. Walao eh! She's good, man! Normally, once I lost it... i normally won't have a good come back, but nonetheless,  
  she  made some magic here. hahhaha. She's pretty persistent.... she raba raba la , then she went BBBJ on me again with her fiery FIRE BBBJ for  
  another  round. She sat sideways and moved her 'meimei' closer to me as we got more intense. Nabeh... How to tahan... her 'mei mei' kept getting  
  closer like  moving to my face. Walao eh! siao la... I cannot tahan and dive in to her tummy, thigh and painted her. KNN... her silky skin ... tsk. sigh...  
  cannot tahan   la.. plus her 'meimei' no smell...i did not hesitate to paint her. It was fiery FIRE feel below me and i am feasting her wet 'meime'..  
  what kinda combo  can i ask for... correct? hahahha... 

  Anyway, that took a while.. .since we were pretty high. She moved to my favourite, missionary and I continued to tank her. Jabbing and rubbing side  
  2  side on her "meimei". Damm nice feeling sia.. BUT THEN.. damn phone again!!!! CCB!!!! I was totally distracted, but yet again. I tell her I gave up la,  
  nevermind... I didn't manage to cum inside her while missionary. Siannzzz !!!! 

  BUT THEN AGAIN, SHE MADE ANOTHER COME BACK FOR THE 2ND TIME!!!!!!!!!!,.. hahaha. walao eh... Never say die ar, like Energizer battery!!!!  
  hahahah She grabbed my didi and started doing a HJ for me... walao eh!! siao !!! So, i knelt in front of her while she sucked my nipples and moan. 
  S-T-E-R-E-O ar!!!!! Walao eh!!!! I felt like I am making porn by now hahhahaha...... So fucking funny, man! So, i gave her my treat too, i fingered her  
  gently while she HJ + sucking my nipples until i cummmmmm.... KNN.. That's some good service and attitude, guys! I could not ask for more. 

  She never complain, gripe or anything. She kept her composure until the end and am happy when I managed to cum. She even took her time after  
  the  session, gave me a nice massage and we chatted like old friends before she leaves for her next client. Kudos to her!!! Fucking nice attitude lor,  
  if  you   ask me. I really appreciate FL like her. The SYTs really has a lot to learn from old bird like her. 

  Fellow bros, you know, I feel she deserved a very good FR from me.... You read my FR and be the judge yourself ya! I don't think I have overrated  
  her and i am not exaggerating. She is truly a gem and her attitude is freaking commendable. She truly deserves some support!

  So, finally, here's my FR summary for this "gemmy" MILF >>>>>>

  NAME: Man Ning

  AGE : 29 (She looks her age alright!)

  ORIGIN: Harbin, PRC

  LOOKS: 6 /10
  (Decent looking, nice smooth, silky skin as many bros mentioned. A little mom+girl-next door look. Grows on me as I get into action with her.  
  Acceptable for me, at least.)

  VOICE: Pampered type
  (Curteous and pampered )

  BUILD: Slim / Skinny

  BOOBS: Small
  (Saggy - typical MILF type + large nipples + soft. Good size to grab. Acceptable for me.)

  (French/kiss when needed without rejection. Especially when in the heat... booomz!! hehehe)

  PAINTING: Yes (Well, I painted mildly, needed to make me cum... LOL. She's clean alright. Smell free. So, painters, yours to feast! Heheheh)

  BBBJ: 9/10
  (Like many have said, superb bbbj from her. FIRE bbbj + FIRE balls licking + FIRE sucking with natural fire moans. LOL! Nice FIRE suction and ...  
  awwww!!!! All FIRED UP! hahahah)

  CATBATH: 9/10
  (FIRE catbath here - back + front. NICE!!!!)

  MASSAGE: 7/10
  (Decent massage. Be warned, not piano ya! Note: You have been warned! hehehe) 

  GFE : 9.5/10
  (Good chemistry again. Fortunate for me, cuz i am sucker for GFE. Poor GFE can almost kill my mood for everything else. BUT she is nice and I like  
  it  that she is like a natural lover who will make u feel comfy and want to fuck each other real bad.)

  ATTITUDE: 9.5/10
  (Anothr one whom I appreciate bunch. Nice, friendly person. Not a time watcher. Accommodating. Treats you like a long lost friend who needs a  
  fuck!   hahahha)

  FJ : 9.0/10
  (My motto remains, anyone with high GFE deserves a good rating! Pass with flying colors... accommodating, including asking me if I want to CIM. I  
  chose not to.)

  DAMAGE: $60 + $10 (tips) + $30 (room) + CD

  RTF : Very high chance.

  Another one of the good MILF bonks I had. 

  That's it for this deserving, good service MILF. If u like my post, please UPz me. Until my next bonk, stay tuned fellow bros ....



  Originally Posted by bro rong33    click here
  MN (i like her real name more. Can be quite blur sometimes)
  Rtf 2nd time last night
  Body: 8/10 (100% slim)
  Looks: 7/10 (plain Jane look, but can look classy with proper makeup and dressing)
  Boobs: 6/10 ( B-? Abit sag, maybe malnutrition)
  Frenching: 7/10 (yes for me, good gfe)
  catbath: 5/10 ( hot n cold. IMHO, I don't like catbath that much)
  BBBJ: 7/10 ( hot n cold again! Not bad but not long enough)
  FJ: 6/10 ( typical. Not much of a hoo haa. Not wet enough)
  Massage: 9/10 ( like the part where she stood on my back)
  RTF: Not 100% (I don't like to rush)

  Due to recents checks, my 2hour session ended in 1hour plus Abit cos she is worried that there will be checks. 
  Do choose a better time to meet her to avoid checks so that she will not be worried. 

 Originally Posted by bro Z_zidane    click here
  this gem is back!

  i tried man ning from bro cindy c the last time before she went back and her BBBJ was legendary. I think it was probably one of the best BBBJ i 
  had and just thinking abt it makes me gian for more.

  also, this is one of the rare FL that i feel enjoys sex. she's playful and it makes the session one of my more memorable one.

  Thumbs up for bro cindy c!

  Originally Posted by  broburberryblack    click here
  Wow, she is back. Finally have a chance to write my FR on this elegant and service orientated lady.

  That s-experience was sometime ago when I mange to get her contact through Bro Cind C's website. Called her, made an arrangement to proceed to  
  love nest.

  I waited for few minutes and she came. She is mature looking and is chatty lady. Keep on grabbing my down under and we proceed to bath together.  
  She scrubbed me and washed my bro down there and I had fun washing her boobs and bushy sis.

  We then proceed to bed, she checked my bro and BJ me without cap. Cool~~
  Then she capped me and I pump her till I finish my 1st shot. Rest while she massage me. Her service was superb. 

  After 30mins or so, she fondled me again down under and this time it is hot and cold treatment. BJ me with alternating hot and cold treatment untill  
  I CIM. That was sooooo nice..should call her to "visit" her again =D

  Thanks for cind C for the contact. I will leave out the stats and damage and do feel free to visit Bro Cind C's website for details 

  Originally Posted by bro doomday123    click here
  Thank Bro cindy for Man Ning contact as I missed her badly ever since she left our shore. Have a booking with her on a very early morning. 

  Maybe the weather a bit heaty here, her mouth is swollen. It's quite obvious but she still gave a very good service. She did not have much makeup  
  as  she is still asleep when I called her.

  When I saw her, I hugged her & she was not really surprise it's me as she is very sure that I will looked for her again.

  Bathing was nice as she rabble my brother from behind & she also washed me quite thorough. She also BBBJ in the bathroom & I finger her &  
  penerate her there with cap.

  After 10 mins, we proceed to the main menu which consist of a catbath from head to toe & also BBBJ with warm/cold water. Got to admire her  
  service even I feel that she was painful on her swollen mouth. 

  We then proceed to the penerating job which include all forms of positions. After half an hour, I still unabled to cum. She then alternate between  
  HJ, BBBJ, FJ to make me cum. The difference between her & other FLs is she is very very accomodating. You can choose to what you want it to be  
  done & she is very patient unlike some FLs trying to push you to cum faster & if not, they will gave up. Anyway, I did not cum after an intense fight  
  but will returned again.

  But I felt that my mission already accomplished as I felt a sexify man. 

  People looking for fair, smooth & excellent service can looked for her. Not really for boob lover. 

  Originally Posted by doomday123  
  FR on Man Ning :

  Try her again ( infact this is my 10th times ). She is quite disappointed that the numbers were being removed as a form of precaution. But anyway,  
  she still have her regular client as her service is still very good.

  There are already quite a couple of good FRs on her but just like to touch on the good about this gal.
  1) She is very patient unlike some FLs who have no patience to make you cum & just want your fast $$$.
  2) She is very obedient & will do what u like but up to a limit as mentioned in Bro cindy's site.
  3) She is definitely not $$$ minded as some FLs will request for more even though they never did a good service.

  Whoever wanted to try can pm Bro cindy for her contact. 

  Thanks for reading.

  Originally Posted by bro luvit    click here 
  Tried Manning last Thursday

  Had a bit of scare, coz hotel agreed to meet had raid! but in the end managed to go somewhere else anyway the short FR:

  Looks: 6/10 (milf)
  GFE: 7.5/10 (makes u very comfortable, not pushy and time watcher)
  BBBJ: 6.5/10 (good effort, altho suction could be improved)
  FJ: 8/10 (quite tight, many positions)
  Service: 8.5/10 (gave me massage aft shot)
  RTF: Maybe but first got so many other girls to try

  Cheers bro
Originally Posted by  bro TCH1975    click here
  Got Man Ning thru Cindy Angels ctc and contacted her for a session
  The FR here is not the full detail and is only part of my happy experience. 

  SHE is the BEST VALUED in terms of service n she is young. 

  Everything SOP. The catbathe is very thorough n i tried to grab her into my arms a few times but she insist to catbathe me. Very service  

  BBBJ: Her slutty eyes looks at me while her lips wraps around my rod n suckling loudly. Very erotic sight seeing her mouth pumping my rod in n out  
  with water flowing. 

  Less than 10mins her pussy is already very wet with juices. Unlike other FL use gel. I asked her for 69. WoW! Her pussy very pretty. I saw her  
  beautiful butterfly flapping at me welcoming my mouth to taste it. I stick my tongue, lick around the pussy... Wonderful, no smell at all. Taste 
  yummy... I stuck my tongue into her love hole n she groans with pleasure. 

  FJ: I turned her around n doggie. Love hole not very tight so I enjoy the bonking longer before my first shot.

  CIM: Now is a challenge for her as my 2nd shot came much longer after my first. She suck hard n long on my rod with slurping sound. I enjoyed thus  
  music. She HJ, BBBJ for 15mins n still can't juice me. We kissed hard n deep while HJ my rod hard n fast. Imerse in the sweet Frenching the urge  
  came. I quickly ceased the kiss. she lowered her head to my groin n I stuff my hard rod straight into her mouth n shoots all my last cums into her  

  Man Ning
  Age : 26
  Looks: 6.5 (looks more of a Chio
  Model than pretty babes)
  Body: 6.5 ( Slim smooth skin but not for boobs lovers)
  Catbathe: 8/10
  BBBJ: 7.5/10 can be better. 
  CIM: 8/10 
  French: 8/10. 
  FJ: 7.5/10 will up after my RTF.
  GFE: 9/10 (call me lau gong very sweetly)
  RTF: YES!!! Going to try new things with her.

  Originally Posted by bro bhd2010    click here
  Had a nice session with Man Ning last week. This is a late FR for her:

  Looks: 6.5/10 (average looking but will glow over time)
  boobs: B- (not for boobs lover)
  skin: smooth and fair (cant keep my hands off her)
  catbath: 7.5/10
  bbbj: 7.5/10 (nice and with hot water)
  fj: 8/10 (very wet and accommodating)
  gfe: 8/10 (feel very ease with her like long lost gf) 
  Rtf: Yes. 

  Thks bro CA for the contact. 

  Originally Posted by bro sexfreak76    click here
  As a newbie quite hard for me to get contacts lucky got this cindy so get to try cindys after reading through series of Frs decided to try man ling n  
  a short Frs as follows 
  Looks : 6/10 average
  boobs :small B
  skin :veri fair
  bbbj :7.5/10 
  foreplay : 8/10 use hot water to lick my whole body
  gfe :6/10 she too pro liao 
  Fj :8/10 she can do many style but i like reverse cowgirl best ! hehe
  $$ 100 /2 /2 overall a super value Gem

  Originally Posted by bro bigblackycat    click here
  FR on man Ning, worth the $ spend.

  Age: Abt 29yo
  Looks: 6.5/10
  Figure: B- Cupper, about 1.62m / 48kg
  Frenching: Yes
  Catbath: 8/10 (licking and teasing with hot water)
  BBBJ: 9/10 (Yes, hot water treatment)
  FJ: 9/10 (Any position, juz name it & u get it!!!!)
  Painting / Fingering: Allow
  GFE: 8/10 (chatty)
  Massage: Yes
  Services / Attitude: 8/10
  Damage: $60/1 
  Worth the $ spend with massage. bbbj. CIM/COF/COB

  Bro pls do not pm for her contact. Go to Cindy Angel blog for her contact.

  Originally Posted by SBF bro redcrane . . . click here
  I met her up and had a fullest and satisfaction session with her.

  Here is a short summary: 
  Looks: 7/10 very good looking milf 
  Figure: Good
  Boobs: not so big, but nice and soft 
  Catbath: 8/10 good 
  BBBJ: 8/10 very hard working 
  FJ: 8/10 She wets easily 
  French and licking: does alot with her
  GFE: 8.5 /10 very seductive and no rush

  Originally Posted by SBF bro lexos7243  . . . click here
  Here's my FR

  Looks: 6.5
  Body: 8
  Frenching: Yeap
  BBBJ: 7
  AR: never try
  FJ: 7
  GFE: 6

  She was not bad looking, was a rather quick session so can't comment too much. But definitely will rtf

☎ 91957767..SMS/Call in Chinese
    ★ Age : 30 +.... 
★skin : smooth, silky 
★ Height :162...★ Weight: 48 
  ★ Boobs : 34B ..
 ★ Painting : Yes.. ★ Fingering : Yes 
★ Blow job : BBBJ wh hot n cold water 
  ★ CIM : Yes ...★ catbath:Yes
★ AR :Yes.      ★FJ: Available
★ massage :can request for massage if 
     you want(Real & Hard Massage ) 

$70 / 1hr /1shot
 ( Excluded room / cd )