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AJ: Anal Job/Jam (penetration of the arsehole)
AR: Arse/Anal Rimming (to lick someone else ass)
Autoroam: Hands touching/Fondling of the body
AV : Anti-Vice (the section of our men-in-blue that regulates vice activities)
BBBJ: Bare Back Blow Job (A blowjob without a condom)
BJ: Blow Job (sucking of penis, usually means it's done with a condom)
CD: Condom
CFM: Come Fuck Me (referring to girls with seductive looks)
CIM: Come-In-Mouth (ejaculation of sperm into the mouth)
COB: Cum-On-Breasts (ejaculation of sperm onto breasts)
COF: Come-On-Face (ejaculation of sperm onto face)
Code red: Period
Cowgirl: Girl-on-top sex position
Deep Throat: A woman swallows the entire penis 
Doggy Style: Sex position where man fucks woman/man from behind
FJ: Fuck/Full Job
FL: Freelancer (working lady not associated with any establishment or agent)
FR: Field Report
Gangbang: One or more women having sex with three or more men
GFE: Girlfriend Experience (usually associated with lots of french-kissing and girlfriend-like attitude)
GL: Geylang (Singapore's 'legal' red light district)
GND: Girl Next Door (a guy slang for a cute, sweet, innocent, young looking female)
HC: Health Centre (massage parlours, where one can usually get more than a massage)
HJ: Hand Job (a stroking of the cock with the hand)
JG: Jua Gen (massage of the veins and tracts around the groin area )
KC: Kam Cheng
KNN: Kan-Nin-Nia (Hokkien dialect expletive)
KP: Kay-Po (busybody in dialect - Hokkien)
KPKB: Kao-Pei-Kao-Bu (literally means cry father cry mother in Hokkien dialect, used to describe a person who makes hell of noise when angry)
LB: LadyBoy
MC: Monster Cock 
MILF: Mum I'd Like to Fuck (attractive/older/hot women with whom you wanna...)
MM: Mei Mei (young girl)
NB: Na-Bey (Hokkien dialect expletive)
NNKC: Neh-Neh-Kor-Chee (Hokkien expletive)
OKT: Orh-Kui-Tao (hokkien slang meaning pimp/agent)
Painting: Giving cunnilingus (mouth to vagina)
PCC: Pak Chew Cheng (Hokkien slang meaning masturbate)
PRC: People's Republic of China (refers to ladies from China)
RAW: not wearing condom
RTF: Return To Fuck 
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure (military term) to describe standard service quality
SW: Sex Worker/Street Walker 
STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease (including: Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Vaginal Warts, Herpes, and AIDS)
SYT: Sweet Young Thing (a young pretty girl)
Tarma: Threesome (sex involving 3 people, also ménage à trois)
TN: Tui Na (a type of Chinese body massage)
TNN: Teh-Neh-Neh (meaning breast groping in Hokkien dialect)
WL: Working Lady (service providers , prostitute, whore)